Nothing cliche, no over posing, just honest moments captured in a fun relaxed way!

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When it comes to style I never approach a wedding with a set plan, nor do I insist on what must happen. Instead I aim to capture the day as it naturally unfolds whilst considering what’s important to each couple. I am always looking for reactions, smiles, and honest moments, and, as such, I prefer to avoid cliché set ups and cheesy poses. I pride myself on blending in and been friendly with all the wedding party and guests.

All my packages include a full day’s coverage which starts a few hours before the ceremony, allowing myself plenty of time to capture both the bride and groom’s preparations, and carries on late into the evening as the party gets going – some of my favourite shots have happened while the band are playing their last song!


Throughout the day, I will allow time to create any family photos requested and to capture the little details (whether these are handmade gifts or high end shoes- I know they can play a massive part in any wedding day). I will also allow time to capture some creative portraits of the couple. No strange poses, just minor direction to make the most of the surroundings. I promise my couples that they will never be taken away from their guests for hours on end for ‘photos’ as I want them to enjoy their day with the people they love.